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Custom Experiences

Via Product Activation – a digital ownership concept signed BRP, say goodbye to generic experiences. Activate your snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, side by sides, motorcycles, or personal watercraft and taste personalized ownership features and services, designed for YOUR vehicle(s).


Access crucial vehicle information, specs, and the Owner's Manual effortlessly. Get to know your ride inside and out with just a few clicks on any of your preferred devices: phone, tablet, or desktop.


An avalanche of exclusive features, services, and promotions curated specifically for you is dropping soon! Bookmark this site, keep coming back, and get to try them before everyone else.

My Ride, My Hub, My Way

In the past, BRP owners like you struggled with finding essential vehicle information, navigating the complexities of ownership, and often wasted countless hours and precious ride time.

Introducing the all-new MyBRP web app – your dedicated space to manage every aspect of your Can‑Am, Sea‑Doo, Ski‑Doo, or Lynx vehicle(s). This is where your ownership journey takes a revolutionary turn. Access everything you need between rides and across seasons, all the information of all your vehicles in one place.

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